Brandyn Callahan is a Seattle, Washington based glass maker whose passion for the medium began at an early age. With a family history of craftsmanship and an appreciation for the handmade, he quickly became entranced with glass after being introduced to the community of glass makers in his hometown of Portland, Oregon. An infatuation with the material led to the start of his formal glass blowing education when, in 2009, he walked into a local studio and asked to work for free.

After honing his technical skills working for glass artists throughout the Pacific Northwest, Brandyn was accepted as an apprentice at the prestigious Benjamin Moore Studios in Seattle, Washington. During the course of the apprenticeship he became involved with The Pilchuck Glass School, where he has spent his summers working on staff and teaching. Brandyn continuously hones his diverse skill set by working with leading glass artists such as Martin Blank, Davide Salvadore, and Shelley Muzylowski-Allen. In addition to his work with others, Brandyn has traveled around the world as an employee of the Corning Museum of Glass and continues to travel as a demonstrating artist and lecturer.

At home in the Pacific Northwest, Brandyn can often be found producing custom pieces for artists, designers, and architects.